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In 2011, the development of Pubcard started. A payment system for student bar The Villa in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Over the years, this system evolved to a innovative platform, which enabled The Villa to organize unique events. Nowadays Pubcard is serving over 12,000 registered users at multiple venues. Pubcard is a cloud-based, personalized payment platform that has been developed with a focus on society bars and pubs, where often the same people meet to enjoy a beer.

Check out the features and showcases below to see whether Pubcard is a system that you should have in your bar!


Everything is possible: In real-time and tailored to your and your guests' interest.

Unique events

Use the power of Pubcard to organize unique events.

Real-time dashboards

Real-time insights for you and your guests.

Cashless payments

Improve safety and avoid errors. Cash money is history.


Know who your guests are. Get in touch with them personally.


No more paperwork and bookkeeping. Pubcard provides all the reports you need.

Member card

Pubcard provides or reuses your member cards.


Pubcard is a platform that is in continuous development. This implies a world full of opportunities and possibilities. However, we have already developed quite some cool stuff. See the showcase below!

Bar terminal
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Member card
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Real-time dashboards
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A bit about me: My name is Sven. I'm an expert in the field of Digital, Data and IT. I believe technology can bring great, seamless experiences to its users. This is what Pubcard does in the great world of hospitality.

Feel free to reach out to me!

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